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GT3 Pro

Intended for seasoned Sim Racers, competing at the highest level

Traction control and ABS allowed, each with up to a 10% weight penalty

  • ABS with 10% weight penalty
  • Traction Control with 10% weight penalty


GT3 Am

Intended for beginners and Sim Racers competing for fun more than winning

Full traction control and ABS allowed, with no penalties

  • ABS Allowed
  • Traction Control Allowed



Engine Boost program is activated, 10 steps. 3% Increase in fuel usage per step, 2% increase in engine wear, 10% more torque per step, 0.05% extra power

BOP between every race

No binding car choice

Cars are modified rFactor 2 Blanc Pain Endurance Series GT3 cars


iCal / vCalender sync link